It’s Official!

Today saw the release of the Statement of the Persons Nominated by the Borough Council’s Returning Officer. This document(s) show all those who have been nominated people, whether or not their nomination is valid with a description as to why a person cannot or will not be standing.

As you can see from the document above, Old Glossop’s statement show that the nominated persons are: Garry and myself; Chris Webster one of the incumbents and two Conservative Candidates (including one from New Mills?!).

A notable absence is that of Ivan Bell the other incumbent who is not seeking re-election. This was expected, as we bumped into him outside the Bull’s Head pub whilst out canvassing one night last week. We would like to thank him for his enthusiasm and service to the community; even if we have felt it has not always been directed in the best manner. We wish him a happy and health retirement from local politics.

The full statement of nominated persons for every ward in the Borough can be viewed by clicking this link: Statement of the Persons Nominated (All Wards)

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