Tip Closure Letter

Letter sent to the Glossop Chronicle and the Glossop Advertiser on the week of 26th July 2010:

Glossop Household Waste Recycling Centre has been closed since February.

Dear Sir/Madam

What a shambles the current ‘indefinite’ closure of Glossop’s tip is. Last week, maybe like many others, I made a trip to the tip to dispose of some bulky household waste.

When I arrived at the Melandra Road centre, which according to the council  is indefinitely closed ‘for vital repairs to a weak bridge on the access road’, I was greeted by a sign informing me of its continued closure and advised to go to the Green Fairfield household waste recycling centre in Buxton – a round trip of over 40 miles! Not only is this inconvenient for most people in the north of the borough but costs us more in fuel and emissions which many of us are trying to reduce.

I have since learned of the meagre three hours window of opportunity to dispose of bulkier items on Saturday mornings at High Peak Borough Council’s Surrey Street Depot. But why are people not informed of this when they go the Melandra Road site? Many I have spoken with simply just prefer to pop over into Tameside to use the Waste Recycling Centre in Stalybridge instead, which is what I ended up doing last week.

So now into the fifth month of the tip’s closure why are Derbyshire County Council not showing any leadership in resolving this issue; only seeming to speak up to lay blamed at United Utilities’ door? The people of Glossopdale are now becoming tired of the lack of progress and simply want the reinstatement of the sorely needed service they pay for and deserve.

Damien Greenhalgh

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