Can I Vote?

To vote in the forthcoming elections on Thursday, 5th May 2011, your name must appear on the Electoral Register.

What if I am not on the Register?

The deadline for registering to vote at these elections is Thursday, 14th April 2011.
Anyone who returns a voter registration form after this date will NOT be able to vote.
If you have recently moved house, you can register at your new property before Thursday, 14th April 2011.

You can obtain a voter registration form from the elections team at High Peak Borough Council on 0845 129 7777 ext. 2133 or download a form by visiting the “About my vote” website here.

What if I am away on the day of the election?

Postal Vote – If you are away on polling day or would prefer to vote by post in these elections, please note that the last time for receipt of postal vote applications is 5pm on Thursday 21st April 2011. Any postal vote applications received after this time cannot be processed and the elector will not be able to vote by post.

Postal vote application forms are available by calling the elections team on 0845 129 7777 ext. 2133 or you can download an copy of the application form here >> Postal Vote Form.

Proxy Vote – Electors who wish to vote by proxy, where by you authorise someone to enter the polling station and cast your vote on your behalf – must ensure that their application has been received by 5pm on Thursday 21st April 2011. You can download the relevant form by visiting the “About my vote” website here.

Where do I send/take my completed form?

These forms should be sent to or handed in at:

Electoral Services
High Peak Borough Council,
Municipal Buildings
Glossop, Derbyshire
SK13 8AF

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