The Red Peaks

We’ve all had some time to digest the results of the 5th May, and what a result – one that turned our streets and hills red. High Peak Labour exceeded are expectations to take 21 seats in the 43 seat council i.e. one short of an overall majority.

How the parties performed in the 2011 election, compared with the previous polls in 2007, in the number of seats won and lost.

In Glossopdale, Labour now holds 10 of the 15 seats in the area thanks to gains in the Old Glossop, Padfield, Tintwistle and Hadfield South wards.

What next
The Labour Group met on Sunday morning to make some initial decisions. One of its first decision was to it re-elected Caitlin Bisknell as Leader of the Labour Group and Anthony Mckeown as Deputy Leader. The Group was informed that the Liberal Democrat Group and Independent Group would not stand in the way of Labour becoming the controlling group by forming a minority administration, i.e. they would not to go into a formal coalition or informal agreement with other parties or members.

The group will meet again next Sunday to make some further decisions. Decisions – by election – such as the make-up of the Executive and the Group’s appointees to the Council’s committees and external bodies.

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