New library plans in chaos

Labour’s candidates for the May County Council elections in Glossopdale have accused Conservative-controlled Derbyshire County Council of incompetence in it’s handling of plans for a new library on the site of the Old St. Luke’s School site.

Damien Greenhalgh said that the County Council’s plan to demolish the former school and build a new library in its place is in “chaos”.

His comments come as the Council announced that its own planning committee would now meet to decide the planning application on March 25, not March 13 as originally intended. Derbyshire County Council cited ‘delays in finalising the anticipated reports’ for the change of date.

Damien called on Derbyshire County Council Leader, Andrew Lewer, to use the extra time to fulfil his specific personal pledge to hold information days and consult local people as stated in his open letter of 8th November 2012.

Failure to hold the meetings was just another failure on the part of the County Council to pay regard to the strong feelings of the people of Glossopdale.

Branding the process as chaotic Damien highlighted mistakes such as the over stated usage numbers. When the new library was first proposed it was estimated that there would be 310,000 visits, this figure has since been revised downward to 150,000.

He said: “It is unbelievable that the figure should change so much over night. The Council has since admitted it got the numbers wrong which begs the question about what other mistakes could have been made in the haste to get the plans through before the May elections”.

“The biggest mistake of all is the county council’s insistence on pushing through these plans without proper public consultation and without any public support.”

Email postponing the Planning Control Committee – Click here

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