Working Together Saves Footpath

An important footpath in the centre of Glossop is receiving a much-needed make-over due to the close co-operation of three Glossop councillors.

The footpath links Market St with High St West and follows a pleasant route along the river through Harehills Park. It is heavily used by people as a route to and from the town centre as well as dog-walkers and other leisure walkers.

But the path has only a compacted shale surface which it lost a long time ago and any rainfall creates long stretches of mud.

HPBC Cllr Godfrey and County Councillors Damien Greenhalgh and Ellie Wilcox speak with the DCC workmen on the path.

HPBC Cllr Godfrey and County Councillors Damien Greenhalgh and Ellie Wilcox speak with the DCC workmen on the path.

High Peak Councillor for Howard Town Ward, and Executive Member for Regeneration, Godfrey Claff, took up the story. ‘For much of the year, especially in winter, the path is impassable without the right footwear.  The Borough Council owns the path but two years ago the County offered to re-surface it with an all-weather surface. I was asked if the Borough could contribute but budgets were so tight due to Government cuts that it was not possible. So the County Council did half the re-surfacing work in 2012. I was determined that this work should be completed and this year the Borough found the money for most of the remaining work if we could get the County to finish the job. That is when County Cllrs Ellie Wilcox, Damien Greenhalgh and I started talking about a joint approach.’

County Cllr Wilcox said, ‘This is work that really had to be completed. Cllr Greenhalgh and I talked to County officers about how much it was needed and we have managed to get the footpath team onto the site and we have found the rest of the cost. It is a really good example of what can be done when Borough councillors and County councillors work together.’

Cllr Greenhalgh added, ‘This may not be a large project but it is often the small improvements that can make a real difference and this is one of those. People will be able to walk right along the river without any difficulty in future.’

The work is due to be completed on Friday.

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