The *NiCE* committee

Well done to Emma on getting this new committee formed and chair it! Particularly agree with her eloquently views on the localising of decisions/control “…We don’t need neatness to feel in control..because actually control can be shared.” This will be my approached in the work county councillor colleague and I are doing on changing how we ‘DO’ local government services in Derbyshire – different in each area is good if it works for local people!


The Committee I am chairing is brand new to the Council, the Neighbourhoods, Communities and Equalities Committee. We will have our first meeting in July and I felt it might be helpful to share the purpose of this committee in delivering for the city. It has already been nicknamed the NiCE committee and I love that nickname.

The nickname might be nice but the remit isn’t fluffy and we will need to deliver blueprints for meeting the challenge of the council being a much smaller organisation by the next elections. This committee will be pace setting for a relationship change with local government away from a corporate style service provider back to a civic and democratic relationship that I believe people want:one of working mutually with the council as equals not customers. Not aspassive recipients of services but as citizens.

I believe the cuts we face are too deep and…

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