Padfield 20mph zone goes live

Padfield has become the county’s first total place 20mph zone in a pilot which local councillors claim could bring many benefits to the community.

Welcoming the implementation of this reduced speed zone areas County Councillor Damien Greenhalgh said: “We’ve all been working with communities and Derbyshire County Council on introducing 20mph zones in Glossopdale for some time, so it’s great to finally see the 20mph signage going up all over Padfield.

Adding “Some of the many recorded benefits of these zones include improved air quality, noise reduction and the community having a greater sense of ownership of their streets – not to mention the potential reduction in the severity and number of accidents and collisions.

Cty Cllr Damien Greenhalgh and Cllr Nick Longos delighted to see the newly minted 20mph signs in Padfield go up.

Cty Cllr Damien Greenhalgh and Cllr Nick Longos delighted to see the newly minted 20mph signs in Padfield go up.

The pilot involves just the appropriate signs and road markings being installed, as opposed to physical traffic calming measures such as humps or tabled junctions which have been feature of past 20mph zones such as those in operation over the border in Broadbottom, Tameside.

This pilot will involve measuring a broad range of factors to see what benefits have been achieved. If it proves as successful as the national evidence suggests it might be, then further investment could be made available for more schemes across Derbyshire.” said Cty Cllr Ellie Wilcox.

New High Peak Borough Council ward councillor Nick Longos added “This is great news. I’ve not long been the borough councillor for Padfield but the community’s desire for 20mph has been very hard to ignore. You only have to have a walk around the village and see the number of “20 is plenty” stickers on the sides of everyone’s wheelie bins and in gardens.”

Plans of the village wide 20mph zone introduced in Padfield, Derbyshire. [Derbyshire County Council – © Crown Copyright]

Positive response to Learning Library plans

BooksGlossopdale’s three County Councillors held the first three of their consultative surgeries on the future of Glossopdale Learning Library on Monday of this week.

According to Councillor Damien Greenhalgh the exercise was positive and the public were able to express their views and concerns

We realise that this second round of surgeries were called at short notice and that some people may not have been able to attend.” he said. “However, on balance the comments we received were positive and people seemed to understand the reality of the situation and encouraging about the idea of locating the adult education and library services on a common campus and particularly in a single building with a common reception area for instance.”

There were some questions raised to which answers are needed, they include:

  • What has the cost of scaffolding been during the repair and investigatory period, effectively between the erection of the scaffolding and its removal?
  • Would a new proposal of a learning library mean greater utilization of the adult education part of the building in future compared with today?
  • Were there plans to better use parking facilities on the site to mitigate the impact of congestion on the immediate areas surrounding the library?
  • What were the possibilities for the land opposite the library to be used as additional parking space?

County Councillor Dave Wilcox said “These are legitimate questions requiring answers, which we are undertaking to get addressed.”

In terms of the options on offer from the County Council for the future of library services, the preference was for the option where the library is sympathetically attached to the present adult education centre.

We realise that there are three further consultative surgeries to be held at the Library on Saturday at 10.00, 11.00 and 12.00 noon” added Cllr Ellie Wilcox “and that the views expressed there may be different than those which have been put so far. So we’d encourage people to attend whatever their views maybe or simply if they want to learn more about the proposals.