Doorstep Update – Manor Park Rd/Hope St/Wesley St/Old Cross/Water St

Well what a difference a day makes. It was a wet and windy session tonight unlike the weekend session, but we didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits.

And what a session! Our best yet for Labour promises in fact and a bumper evening for our posters too. With many choosing to put these up as the team, Garry and I were at their doors.

Also we came across a good handful of Liberal Democrat voters – or former Lib Dem voters now rather – that have switch their support to  Labour, the real progressive party in British politics, in disgust at them being in bed with the ideologically cut driven Conservatives.

PS – The Conservative, Liberal Democrat  candidate(s) and the incumbent Mr Webster are noticeable by their absence in the ward. Not a sausage.

Doorstep Update – Queens Drive/Pyegrove Rd

A very sun soaked door-knocking session around Pyegrove Rd and Queens Drive in the ward this afternoon with Garry and the some of the team.

We found lots of support for us there with a couple of posters going up in windows today and more to follow nearer to election day too.

We also found that there was a surprising amount of anti-Chris Webster feeling around Queens Drive, especially if you think that residents there are his neighbours!!

But I suppose being in office for eight years and having deliver very little if anything?! …again shows the need for residents to bring about change to regain Old Glossop’s voice in the Council to fight the ward’s corner, rather than the lone ignored voice it has been of late.

Doorstep Update – Sheffield Rd

Garry and I were out on the doorsteps of Sheffield Road and High Street East tonight with some of our Glossopdale Team. As we have found in other parts of the ward there is an appetite for a change, feeling that Old Glossop hasn’t had representatives who haven’t any influence in the Council i.e. not part of either the controlling group or the main opposition group. We spoke to many people too who did not even know who their current councillors were.
You would think after 8 years in office Chris Webster should have made some mark surely!! His loss is Labour’s gain though I suppose.

Doorstep Update

Canvassing and chatting with people in and around north part of the Village (Castle Hill/Shireway/Bute St/Thorpe St/Wellgate/Church St South/Blackshaw Rd/Church St/Kilmory Fold) last night and tonight. Some very warming responses indeed. Overwhelmingly people want better representation for the ward.

A particular highlight came from a middle-aged woman who after stating “I’ve never voted in an election if you can believe that!” will be voting for us on 5th May.

Knock Knock…

This week will see the start of Garry and I, with some of Glossopdale’s Labour Team, hitting the streets of Old Glossop to speak with residents on their doorsteps.

We hope to have the same good levels of response as we have had on the Team’s Street Stalls in the town centre on Saturday mornings.

See you very soon!