#LabourDoorstep – Leafleting in Old Glossop & Shirebrook Park

After my younger brother offered me his afternoon to  help with the campaigning, how could I refuse?!?
So we got to work delivering hundreds of leaflet on parts of Shirebrook Park and Old Glossop. Thank heavens that the rain clouds that made this morning’s canvassing session such a soggy affair had disappeared making way for blue skies and spring-like sun. Champion.

#LabourDoorstep – Simmondley with Tameside Labour

Today saw a whole lot of Tamside Labour friends come over into Glossopdale to help out with a doorknocking session in Simmondley despite the horrible weather. Which we greatly appreciate!!

2013.03.16 - Simmondley with Tameside Labour
Simmondley is traditionally a Tory ward – currently with two Tory Borough Councillors -but we found there was a lot of support for us. In the region of about 60:40 but more worryingly if you are a Tory that is as Cllr John Taylor (Deputy Leader of Tameside Council) pointed out “today’s canvass clearly shows the traditional Tory voters deserting the party in droves, with UKIP picking up many of them”.
It was also commented upon – and appreciated – that we were the only party doing anything in the area with this canvassing session being or third/fourth return to the area in the last 6 months.

#LabourDoorstep – Glossop & Buxton

It was a double dose of doorknocking today; kicking off with myself and the Glossopdale Labour team – joined by comrades from Tameside Labour – out around High Street East and Royal Avenue.

2013.03.03 - Royal Ave

Then it was straight off to Buxton for a constituency campaign meeting followed by doorknocking in the Barms area of the Buxton North East division for Caitlin Bisknell.

2013.03.03 - Barms, Buxton

Final Update of the Campaign

Well after months of activity in Old Glossop and other area we are finally here.

I final spot of door knocking in Hadfield and Padfield area delivering some good results for Ellie [Padfield ward] and Pat Jenner [Tintwistle ward] this morning, followed by some phone canvassing and leafleting in Old Glossop this afternoon and evening.

A selection of snaps of some of the team out and about over the last few days:

The Final Countdown (Campaign Update)

It has been a busy few days since I last blogged, with many daily door-knocking and phone canvassing sessions carried out across Glossopdale. Our garden stake boards have gone up  on key routes throughout the town, with many more posters in windows too.
Our final leaflets that remind people that this Thursday is polling day have and are continuing to go out throughout the Borough; and also remind people that they have up to two votes in Old Glossop ward and other multi-seat wards.

Canvassing à trois

Today has been a busy one. Glossopdale Labour Team is now increasing the number of  door knocking sessions we are carrying out to several daily sessions , these are covering a great deal of the Glossopdale area and in ever increasing party numbers.

I took part in three of these today. Firstly there was a morning session in Tintwistle, followed by an afternoon session in Padfield and ended with an evening session in Howard Town with a spot of phone canvassing in between.

Good news in all three wards, and once again there is sign of other parties and/or individuals canvassing residents there.

It is the same again tomorrow in addition to  dealing with all the window poster and  garden stake requests, the latter of which will be going up this week.

Doorstep Update – Shirebrook Park (Hillwood Drive/Appleton Drive area)

As everyone was beginning their extended Easter Bank Holiday weekend yesterday, many choosing to make the most of the springtime sun outside the local pub or in their gardens, Garry and I with our ever increasing canvassing team made our way to the door steps of Shirebrook Park.

Streets we called in on were Hurstbrook Close, Dovedale Court, Hillwood Drive, Furness Close, Millersdale Court, Partington Court, Peveril Court, Appleton Drive, Larch Way and Ashbourne Court.

We had a good response on the doors, especially considering many were in their gardens soaking up the last of the evening sun.

There will be a short hiatus from canvassing this weekend  for people to celebrate Easter. and St George’s Day. You may however see me, Garry and/or other out leafleting our Election Address this weekend.

Doorstep Update – Croft Manor/Shirebrook Drive/Silk St/Thomas St/York St

A big session this afternoon with six of us out on pounding the streets of Old Glossop today, gaining a healthy amount of Labour promises for 5th May as a result.

The team in Old Glossop

We covered a lot of ground including Silk St, York St, Thomas St, Birch Green, Croft Manor, Shirebrook Drive, Slant Close, Cross Rise, Carr Bank, Holly Bank, Bramble Bank and Rushmere.

We found there to be a  lot of disgruntled residents in these streets, some stating that they had never met their  local councillors for the last eight years, Chris Webster or Ivan Bell.

With one resident who felt severely let down by her local councillors Cllrs Chris Webster and Ivan Bell; but also by the local resident and Conservative Executive Member on the Borough Council  for Social and Community Development Cllr Jean Wharmby.

A particular gripe of this resident and her husband was how they dealt or rather didn’t deal with a bad case of fly-tipping – the dumping of a three piece suite and a mattress on Council owned land – that she had reported to them six months ago.