Police give green-light to 20mph limits

20mphPolice in Derbyshire have removed their automatic objection to 20mph limits in the county to the delight of 20mph limit supporters.

Derbyshire Constabulary have confirmed that their longstanding policy to object to the introduction of 20mph limited areas has been changed. Historically the force has be resistance on the basis of the need to install traffic calming for a 20mph to work.

Local county councillors and 20mph limit supporters, Cllrs Ellie Wilcox and Damien Greenhalgh have welcomed the news.

Cllr Greenhalgh said: “This is welcome news for communities, such as Padfield, who have campaigned to claim back the streets of their village from speeding vehicles. 20mph limits are in operation up and down the country in appropriate, mainly residential, areas including near by Manchester and Stockport and this change brings Derbyshire into line with them.”

Cllr Ellie Wilcox added: “We have been working with the community in Padfield introduce 20mph zones due to the increasing evidence of the value they can in terms of speed reduction, injury prevention and enhance wellbeing of those that live in the areas”. 


Photo Caption: County Cllrs Ellie Wilcox and Damien Greenhalgh and Padfield Borough Cllr Nick Longos (R) welcoming the news with Derbyshire’s Deputy PCC Hardyal Dhindsa (C)

Photo Caption: County Cllrs Ellie Wilcox and Damien Greenhalgh and Padfield Borough Cllr Nick Longos (R) welcoming the news with Derbyshire’s Deputy PCC Hardyal Dhindsa (C)

Earlier this year, the Constabulary raised concerns over the lack of physical measures such as speedbumps and over the enforcements as Derbyshire County Council consulted on the introduction of the reduced limited in Padfield.

Confirming this change in stance and police enforcement of the new limits Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa added: “20mph limits used where appropriated have great benefits to the communities in which they are placed and have had the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents’ backing. I am delighted that the force has agreed to proportionate enforcement by its local policing sections, and very much sees working closely with Police Support Volunteers moving forward. To this end the constabulary has requested funding for more handheld detection units.


Street Stall – Cuts to services for older people

Town Hall Arcade Street Stall, 15th Jan 2011

Garry Parvin and I talking to a local resident

Garry Parvin and I – along with other local Labour campaigners – had a busy morning in Glossop at the first street stall of the year yesterday.

The theme for this Saturday morning’s street stalls was the same theme which Glossopdale Labour will be running for the next few Saturday’s, which is around raising awareness of the proposals by the County Council to cut £20 million from vital services for older people and their careers.

As well as giving out a leaflet to locals with details of what the proposals will mean, we are also asking locals to sign a petition against the proposal.

Anne, who sign our petition against the severity of the cuts to services for the elderly.

If you can’t get to one of our street stalls, you can download a copy of the leaflet by clicking here and you can sign the petition by clicking here.

If you have any views on the proposals, please let me know. You can do this by clicking on the Services for older people link on the Glossopdale Labour website and/or leaving me a comment here.