2 thoughts on “Canvassing Café

  1. Your plans for lunch time today, door knocking in TINTWISTLE. This is what the people of Hadfield meant when we said that we aren’t included in Pat Jenners plans for the community.

    • Hi Diane,
      Thank you for your comment reiterating the point you raise on your doorstep. Our candidate Pat Jenner and the Labour party here in the High Peak are committed to all areas that we seek to represent.
      As we discussed on your doorstep this morning the Electoral Commission deal with the electoral boundaries and as you know changed these in 2003.
      The ward legally titled “Tintwistle” does include parts of Hadfield as well as the village of Tintwistle. There are other wards in Glossop, the Borough and the country that similarly take in multiple communities.
      We have taken on board the comments you fed back to us, also held by some other Hadfield residents, in the Tintwistle ward. The wording of future material will be be explicit to mention both communities; but our plans, commitment and delivery in both communities is unquestionable and tangible e.g. Dave Wilcox and Station Rd.
      PS – this post relates to yesterday (Tuesday 3rd May) when we were in the northern side of Tintwistle village.

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