County Boundary Review

Today has seen the independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) publish its final recommendations for new electoral arrangements for Derbyshire County Council.

Today’s publication follows a ten week public consultation on its draft proposals and draws new boundaries for each electoral division in Derbyshire.

The Commission’s final recommendations propose that Derbyshire’s 64 county councillors should represent 58 single-member divisions and three two-member divisions.

Please find a copy of the report hereYou’ll find the bit relating to Glossop on page 18.

These new divisions will be the ones that Glossopdale Labour will be contesting in the May 2013 county council elections.

What does this mean for Glossopdale?

The headline is that will now only two divisions Glossopdale rather than the three we had previously.

These are:

  1. Etherow [1 Councillor] – includes Gamesley, Hadfield and Tintwistle.

This remains largely unchanged from the last election.

  1. Glossop & Charlesworth [2 Councillors] includes Howard Town, Simmondley, Whitfield, Dinting, Charlesworth, Chisworth, Old Glossop and Padfield.

This is where the largest change has happened. The current divisions of Glossop South and Glossop North & Rural have been in effect merged in an extremely large division which take in everything not covered in the Etherow division.
This will be a single division but represented by two councillors, marking a change from one-seat division of the past.

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