#CostofCameron Campaign Day

This Saturday (11 January) saw Labour activists launch the “Cost of Cameron” Day across 106 key marginal seats.  And here in the High Peak we were no exception with Labour Party street-stalls held across the constituency with, our Parliamentary Candidate, Caitlin Bisknell and Shadow Small Business Minister, Toby Perkins MP.


Glossopdale Labour was outside the Market Arcade from 10.30am til 12.30pm to speak with those out shopping in the town.

2014.01.11 - CostofCameron

Glossopdale Labour campaigning outside the Market Arcades

Our leaflets about the Cost of Living Crisis that we’re living (surviving?) in were very well received with many poeple citing rising energy bills, train fares and ever decreasing help from the Government as life very hard in Cameron’s Britain.

Roll on 2015 for a Labour High Peak MP and a Labour Government to help right the wrongs of these last few years.

New Library Plan Pledge from Labour Leader

Ellie Wilcox and Damien Greenhalgh start to shred the new library plan.

Derbyshire County Council Labour Group Leader Anne Western has today confirmed that the planning application for a new Glossop Library “will not see the light of day” in the event of Labour being elected to run the County Council in May this year.

In a message to the people of Glossopdale, she confirmed that Derbyshire Labour will consult on the best ways to sustain library provision in the Victoria Hall and make best use of the “campus of buildings” that cluster around the library, following suggestions that the planning application for a new library would be reconsidered in the near future.

She has already given an assurance that the £2,000,000 which Labour set aside more than five years ago, will still be available for a fully-costed, value for money project that can enhance both library and adult education provision.

“If, after consultation with Ellie Wilcox and Damien Greenhalgh, the people of Glossop have an unexpected and unlikely

change of mind, then we would look again. But whatever we propose will be complementary to the work we commissioned when we renovated the adult education centre, rather than the unsympathetic modern structure that the local Conservatives continue to confirm they support.”

Padfield and Hadfield Councillor Ellie Wilcox said that discussions need to focus on a sympathetic internal refurbishment of the Victoria Hall Library.

“From visits to the Royal Exchange in Manchester, and from the refurbishment that is taking place on the Central Reference Library, people in Glossopdale know that older buildings can be retained and modernised sympathetically,” she says.

“Of course, we won’t be able to afford enhancements of that scale, as £2million can quickly disappear on a listed building, but it is nonsense to suggest that the Victoria Hall cannot provide a 21st Century library and community resource.   The idea of the proposed supermarket-type design has met such strong resistance from locals, it would be reckless to still go ahead, especially since there have been no formal consultations surrounding library provision.’

Labour’s other County Council candidate Damien Greenhalgh has said that he wanted to be part of a mature discussion with the community on the way forward.

“One of the biggest mistakes of the present incumbents has been their failure to consult and listen. People need to know what the money set aside could buy. We hope to make discussion and dialogue with the wider community our basis for future policy, helping to properly address the needs of local people.”

490 objections -vs- 1 in favour

Ellie & Damien @ LibraryLabour County Council Candidate Damien Greenhalgh says that he is “flabbergasted” at the recommendation from the County’s Planning Officer on the new Glossop Library planning application.

Following an open letter to planning chiefs last week, Mr Greenhalgh says that of 491 public representations there was only one in favour. Even more concerning, he says that respected national organisations such as English Heritage and The Victorian Society have had their representations dismissed, along with many residents objections because it is claimed they refer to Victoria Hall too rather than to the application itself.

His County Council running mate, Padfield and Hadfield Borough Councillor Ellie Wilcox, says that she and Damien intend to make direct representations to the planning committee at their Matlock meeting on 25th March.


“There are many reasons to be outraged at the lack of consultation and the failure of the County Council to take part in the Glossop Halls consultation exercise, but planners have to focus on planning matters.”


“In that respect it is appropriate to suggest that the proposed building is completely out of keeping with the surrounding architecture. If it had the design merit of the adjacent Adult Education Centre, then it might be acceptable, but this is more like a superstore than a building for the 21st Century.”

“In light of the huge public outrage at the proposal, it would be proper for the elected members of the planning committee to defer a decision.”

#LabourDoorstep – Simmondley with Tameside Labour

Today saw a whole lot of Tamside Labour friends come over into Glossopdale to help out with a doorknocking session in Simmondley despite the horrible weather. Which we greatly appreciate!!

2013.03.16 - Simmondley with Tameside Labour
Simmondley is traditionally a Tory ward – currently with two Tory Borough Councillors -but we found there was a lot of support for us. In the region of about 60:40 but more worryingly if you are a Tory that is as Cllr John Taylor (Deputy Leader of Tameside Council) pointed out “today’s canvass clearly shows the traditional Tory voters deserting the party in droves, with UKIP picking up many of them”.
It was also commented upon – and appreciated – that we were the only party doing anything in the area with this canvassing session being or third/fourth return to the area in the last 6 months.

#LabourDoorstep – Glossop & Buxton

It was a double dose of doorknocking today; kicking off with myself and the Glossopdale Labour team – joined by comrades from Tameside Labour – out around High Street East and Royal Avenue.

2013.03.03 - Royal Ave

Then it was straight off to Buxton for a constituency campaign meeting followed by doorknocking in the Barms area of the Buxton North East division for Caitlin Bisknell.

2013.03.03 - Barms, Buxton

Youth and Experience: A winning package

As previously mentioned the new Glossop and Charlesworth Division is a two-member ward. This mean that the Labour Party will be fielding two candidates; and I am delighted to be able to tell you that our other candidate will be Maggie Mooney.

Damien and Maggie at this years Party Conference

Maggie was born in Stockport, the daughter of a railwayman.  She became a social worker, moved into adult education and held senior posts in Bournemouth and Halton Councils before becoming Chief Executive of Carlisle City Council in 2005.  Maggie retired last year and moved back to Glossopdale with her husband Brian. She has been enjoying not being in a politically restricted position and has been very active in local groups and the Party.

I’m  thoroughly looking forward to the next few months on the campaign with her.