Congratulations Commissioner Charles!

Friday saw Derbyshire Labour’s Alan Charles elected as the first Police And Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.

I would like to reiterate my sincere congratulations to him and his team on their victory, and equally the victory for the people of Derbyshire:- with their police service now safeguarded from the threat of privatisation.
I also know that in Alan we have a vociferous champion for public services in this county, who will fight the proposed reckless government cuts of 20%.

Alan gained 44.3% of electors first preference votes and 61.1% once second preferences has been share between himself and the Tory candidate Simon Spencer. See full results below:

Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2012 Results

Although Alan received this majority, this was on an official turnout of just 14.75% which is extremely disappointing – especially in a mature democracy such as ours.

So where does blame lie for this?  Squarely at the desks of Theresa May and David Cameron!

In the run-up to this PCC election – which cost £1 million here in Derbyshire alone – the government was rightly criticised for not doing enough to publicise these election and for virtually guaranteeing a low turnout by holding ballots in the cold and dark month of November. This, despite stating they wanted independent candidates to have a fighting chance. And worst of all has been its proven incompetence, at best, and maladministration, at worst, epitomised by the £350,000 spent printing Welsh ballot papers in English rather than both English and Welsh.

This costly and extremely flawed flagship policy is a further example of Cameron’s maxim for all government policy:

Insufficiently funded, incompetently executed and unpopular with voters.

So here’s wishing Alan and all his fellow Commissioners the best of luck in protecting our communities from crime, and from the long cutting tentacles of the Coalition Government.

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