490 objections -vs- 1 in favour

Ellie & Damien @ LibraryLabour County Council Candidate Damien Greenhalgh says that he is “flabbergasted” at the recommendation from the County’s Planning Officer on the new Glossop Library planning application.

Following an open letter to planning chiefs last week, Mr Greenhalgh says that of 491 public representations there was only one in favour. Even more concerning, he says that respected national organisations such as English Heritage and The Victorian Society have had their representations dismissed, along with many residents objections because it is claimed they refer to Victoria Hall too rather than to the application itself.

His County Council running mate, Padfield and Hadfield Borough Councillor Ellie Wilcox, says that she and Damien intend to make direct representations to the planning committee at their Matlock meeting on 25th March.


“There are many reasons to be outraged at the lack of consultation and the failure of the County Council to take part in the Glossop Halls consultation exercise, but planners have to focus on planning matters.”


“In that respect it is appropriate to suggest that the proposed building is completely out of keeping with the surrounding architecture. If it had the design merit of the adjacent Adult Education Centre, then it might be acceptable, but this is more like a superstore than a building for the 21st Century.”

“In light of the huge public outrage at the proposal, it would be proper for the elected members of the planning committee to defer a decision.”

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