Doorstep Update – Croft Manor/Shirebrook Drive/Silk St/Thomas St/York St

A big session this afternoon with six of us out on pounding the streets of Old Glossop today, gaining a healthy amount of Labour promises for 5th May as a result.

The team in Old Glossop

We covered a lot of ground including Silk St, York St, Thomas St, Birch Green, Croft Manor, Shirebrook Drive, Slant Close, Cross Rise, Carr Bank, Holly Bank, Bramble Bank and Rushmere.

We found there to be a  lot of disgruntled residents in these streets, some stating that they had never met their  local councillors for the last eight years, Chris Webster or Ivan Bell.

With one resident who felt severely let down by her local councillors Cllrs Chris Webster and Ivan Bell; but also by the local resident and Conservative Executive Member on the Borough Council  for Social and Community Development Cllr Jean Wharmby.

A particular gripe of this resident and her husband was how they dealt or rather didn’t deal with a bad case of fly-tipping – the dumping of a three piece suite and a mattress on Council owned land – that she had reported to them six months ago.

It’s Official!

Today saw the release of the Statement of the Persons Nominated by the Borough Council’s Returning Officer. This document(s) show all those who have been nominated people, whether or not their nomination is valid with a description as to why a person cannot or will not be standing.

As you can see from the document above, Old Glossop’s statement show that the nominated persons are: Garry and myself; Chris Webster one of the incumbents and two Conservative Candidates (including one from New Mills?!).

A notable absence is that of Ivan Bell the other incumbent who is not seeking re-election. This was expected, as we bumped into him outside the Bull’s Head pub whilst out canvassing one night last week. We would like to thank him for his enthusiasm and service to the community; even if we have felt it has not always been directed in the best manner. We wish him a happy and health retirement from local politics.

The full statement of nominated persons for every ward in the Borough can be viewed by clicking this link: Statement of the Persons Nominated (All Wards)

Candidates reply to Cllr Bell’s fanciful ideas

Re: Should Glossop move next door?

What Cllr Bell said sums up his approach to representing the people of Old Glossop: whimsical at best! Whilst the general argument has some long term merits and ignoring the fact that the changes would require an Act of Parliament, is this what currently troubles the people of Old Glossop ward? Glossopdale? the Borough? I think not.

Cllr Bell - Should Glossop move next door?

The Glossop Chronicle article: another of Cllr Ivan Bell's fanciful ideas. (Please click to enlarge.)

When people are thinking about the impacts of the cuts in the provision of services provided by our local councils, in the wake of the devastating cuts to their funding settlements, Ivan is pointing out that Tameside’s ‘roads are better’ than ours. Instead of working to improve our area he seems to think it to be more constructive to covet what our neighbours have; bizarrely seeming to ignore the sheer complexity and length of a process to redraw the boundaries of four council areas which lie in three counties and three separate regions.

There’s a saying that a society can be judged on the basis of how it treats its most vulnerable members, but these cuts will disproportionately affected the young and older people of the ward seeing many service withdrawn or decreased especially regarding care for the elderly and transport, with the withdrawal of half price travel into Manchester with the Gold Card for the ward’s elderly cards a proposed cut a perfect example of this. This is not fair and what does it say about our society?

We feel that Old Glossop deserves better, with people that can put forward serious suggestions and have some influence in the decision-making processes of the Council unlike the incumbent members.

Damien Greenhalgh and Garry Parvin
Labour Candidates for Old Glossop Ward

NB – The article “Should Glossop move nextdoor?” can be found online on the Glossop Chronicle’s website here


Our letter was published in this week’s (27.01.2011) Glossop Chronicle on page 8 – the letters page:

Should Glossop move next door?